Wandering how I create my digital artwork?

Well, here is where I will lay out my process the best I can for you!

  1. I study my reference image for a really long time. Looking at the colours that are not immediate obvious is very important. For example, on a bike with lots of chrome your brain tells you the chrome is combination of grey/silver and white tones. Look a little closer and you will notice all sorts of colours depending on the reflection in the metal. These are notes that help me capture the details.
  2. Paper sketching. Start laying out shapes, proportions, and split the drawing into sections. Sometimes, I will run over these sketches with ink to complete the drawing.

3. Move on to my tablet and repeat the process of sketching out dimensions and sections. The tablet acts as my paper and the sensitive stylus as my pen.

4. Sometimes I turn the sections into even smaller sections and work in an almost grid like fashion. Doing this enables to me to focus a bit at a time and on specific details. I complete the outline this way.

5. Create specific colour pallettes for each section e.g. engine, paint scheme, tyres etc. Then on another layer I add colour to my piece.

6. Complete artwork, print at selected size on to 300gsm Artist Quality paper and send out to my customer or upload to my store! The actual creation process from start to finish for a bike can take an average of 8 hours; it is signicantly longer for landscapes etc.