Sometimes when my eyes are closed, a kaleidoscope consumes my vision. Patterns. Shapes. Movement. Sparking the trail of gasoline, that explodes the dynamic collision. Othertimes when my eyes are closed, a darkness turns everything to black. Solitude. Focus. Improvement. The dust settles, calm returns, and within that I feel myself come back. Few times when my eyes are closed, serenity is pierced by nothing but white. Blinding. Hindering. Pollutant. Supposedly illuminating, but how? there can be no concentration when all is too bright. Forgive me, as funny as it may seem, but let me dwell with Marc’s Blue Horses and Van Gogh’s Starry night. ForRead More →

It took me 2 years to get Mr Adair to take me to a concert, this was down to two reasons: I am particular about who I want to go and see, so I bide my time until an opportunity presents itself. Scott hates crowds of people. Then in March 2019 the moment was upon us. It was to be an evening of Country music straight from the States. Headlining was Chris Stapleton. These days Stapleton is relatively mainstream thanks to his big performances with the likes of Justin Timberlake etc. 2019 he was heading up to his peak and man I was excited. ‘TenneeseeRead More →