My Mutt was due to arrive any minute now, it was 9am and I was ready. Scott had the day off work and we were eagerly waiting the arrival of the bike. I kept peeking out the kitchen window on to the little lane the van would have to drive down… Tick Tock… It was driving me mental.  I’m not a patient person, I’m getting better, but waiting for that bike was absolute torture; mainly because I was rocking around in Kevlar jeans in 21° heat. Anyway, around 4pm the van turned up and the Mutt was wheeled on to the drive, sparkling and readyRead More →

Sorry I left you guys in the lurch there, but I needed to take a minute to write some more as that’s as far as I got, before I gave up. Well I didn’t give up. I took a hiatus… a 3.5 year hiatus. I’ve been very busy. Don’t eye roll me!  Never mind, you would never have known if I hadn’t told you, but I thought I would be honest, so get over it and let’s keep it moving. Right so we were talking about how bad I was as a sales assistant, or that’s what you thought, because I just stood around talkingRead More →

25/3/2021. I started this project in 2017 and had initally planned a book project, but I got overwhelmed by that concept so a blog split into several parts is the way forward. First we shall delve into my motorcycle journey and then who know’s where it will end up. Stick with it and we will find out. ……………………………………………… As I sit here on 27th July 2017 getting ready to embark on another project that I am hesitant to start because of the uncertainty of seeing it through to completion. The outlaw country radio station is playing loud, I’m sipping a cold Coors light, with excitementRead More →