Why We Ride Part 3

My Mutt was due to arrive any minute now, it was 9am and I was ready. Scott had the day off work and we were eagerly waiting the arrival of the bike. I kept peeking out the kitchen window on to the little lane the van would have to drive down… Tick Tock… It was driving me mental. 

I’m not a patient person, I’m getting better, but waiting for that bike was absolute torture; mainly because I was rocking around in Kevlar jeans in 21° heat. Anyway, around 4pm the van turned up and the Mutt was wheeled on to the drive, sparkling and ready to go. 

Little did I know at the time it was Neal (of Frasers Gloucester) who delivered the bike who would soon become Scott’s boss, and nearly mine until I changed my mind and decided to pursue my own thing instead. 

Now there was only one problem…my drive was down a steep hill; Painswick sits at the bottom of a valley and our house was tucked down the lane midway down. So, I immediately sent Scott off up the hill on the Mutt to get up on the flat on a little estate by the Primary School. I legged it up the top, geared up, and hopped on that bike the first chance I got. 

Second time riding a bike and it was like a duck to water, U-turns in the cul-de-sac no problem, 3rd gear letting that exhaust roar. If you haven’t heard a Mutt you need to head over to YouTube and check it out, unless I figure out how to put a video up here. The noise is second only to the style for Mutt’s top selling points.

I think it was the very next day or the one after that I rode to work and that was it I never looked back, growing in confidence with every mile. Don’t panic, I can feel your brow furrowing knowing this is all going too well, well let me tell you, I never crashed the Mutt or had any kind of accident, this is one story with a happy ending. Unlike most cars I drive, but that’s for another day! 

I had the Summer ahead, full of commutes to work and BIKE NIGHTS, finally I could go to a bike night on my own bike. Sure, since being at J&S we had gone to many of them and had the best time, but it’s not the same rolling up in a car. 

Further to that when people would park up outside work I would see them head over and check out my immaculate bike parked up out front, only partially blocking the window… Now I would have conversations about my own bike with customers; I’m pretty sure I’m owed commission from the Mutt’s I must have sold during this time. 

Which bike got the most attention you ask? Scott’s Harley or my Mutt? The Mutt obviously, poor Dolores. 

From old guy’s looking back to their days on BSA’s and early Triumph’s, to young new riders looking for something different and not believing the Mutt was a 125cc. I was all too keen to drop whatever I was doing and start the bike up for anyone who asked. 

One of my favourite occassions was when one guy on a BMW GS was admiring my bike while I was checking out his brand new off the shop floor; he came over, told me start her up and threw me his keys and I gave him mine. What a hero! 

I racked up the miles quickly, and rode everyday, it was everything I wanted it to be. Not long after getting the bike I loaded her up and joined Scott and Sam (his brother) on a trip round North Wales.

Riding out from Tewkesbury, the weather was stunning, not too hot, not cold, just perfect and we had a good 4 hours ahead of us. Sam was prepared with his Honda CB500X with hard luggage, waterproofs, ready for an adventure. Scott less so on Dolores. And me, well kind of prepared but more just ready to rock and roll with jeans, spare t-shirts, clean knickers and happy days. 

An hour into the journey, Sam pulls over for petrol, and very slyly throws his waterproofs on, thinking nothing on it, and calling him some not so nice things, we carried on. Well 10minutes later the heavens opened, pretty sure an entire ocean dropped from the sky on to Hereford.

When things like this happen I find it hilarious, I don’t get annoyed, or care very much, I’m so used to this kind of stuff, if I didn’t laugh, I wouldn’t stop crying. I missed the step out the front the other day and was inches away from faceplanting the van that was outside the gate with 100 tourists strolling past; an hour later after coming back from swimming I bent down to get Romeo (the dog) from under the sofa, cracked my head on the coffee table and drew blood!

It’s funny, life is funny and ridiculous, I need a camera to follow me around and I could fill a whole season of You’ve Been Framed in a week!

We cracked on, until the Mutt cut out…I’m very confused the steam is coming off the engine, the rain is lashing down, and the bike won’t start. A quick, tilt left and right to shake some of the water settling, and poke and prod pretending I know what I’m doing and she starts up immediately and we were off. 

Turns out the Mutt doesn’t like swimming and I believe she was just telling me that she’s not a boat and she was pissed. She soon got over it and so did the rain. We pulled over some time later to pour out the couple litres of water that had settled in our boots. 

Then accompanied by Sunshine and a Rainbow, it happened, the Welsh countryside opened up and we were riding on a road like no other, lakes to the left, mountains either side and nothing but our 3 bikes tearing through the pass, O wait there was sheep. 

I didn’t want it to end. I had found my peace. 

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