• Seaton Spaceman


Let’s start with some introductions… I am Bobbly aka Emily and this site is all about my unique artwork. Bobbly’s was established in 2019 and since then I have had the pleasure of creating many different projects with great success. It all started however, by my lifelong passion for creating stuff.

One day I decided to combine my creative outlet with my love for motorcycles. That was the catapult to where I am now, many bikes, cars, boats, planes, trucks, houses, harbours down the line I have finally put together my portfolio and a store for you!

On this Site you will find:

  • My Portfolio which will be regularly updated.
  • My Store with all available artwork with an easy checkout system.
  • Commission Information for your very own Bobbly’s Artwork order.
  • Demonstration Section – where I explain all about my process!
  • Testimonials from my lovely customers.